DSCN0009-2Spring is such a beautiful time of year. It’s my favorite of the four seasons because it reflects the nature of God in so many ways. It is the oasis of the year; a time of renewal. Just look from where you were planted; watch and listen as the wonders of God’s imagination blossoms into full bloom. If the eyes are a window to the heart then surely the ears are a doorway into the soul. As spring awakens look closely and you can see God removing the earth’s winter coat. Then listen quietly and you can hear nature’s sound track as He wraps the chill of winter with a blanket of warm spring colors.

As I write this article the Holy Spirit guides me to the book of Genesis and the relationship God had with Adam and Eve. It was a beautiful relationship but was fatally changed and plunged into spiritual darkness. Humanity was forced to live in a cold winter environment where spring never seemed to come. But spring did come! It came from God through His son Jesus Christ. He came to renew the relationship between God and man that was severely damaged by Adam and Eve.

Our astronomical seasons vary depending on the geographical location relative to the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Even so, in most parts of the world spring paints the earth with a palette of colors taken from a thousand rainbows. It’s just one of many ways that God says, “ yes I still love you”. It is also His way of reminding you to establish your relationship with Him through His son, Jesus. Let Him become the spring of your life. His season never ends.

Offer Christ the privilege of manifesting Himself through you while enjoying the pleasures of this earthly home He has given you.

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