DSC_0891-2Pristine understates the image that accompanies this post. I stood by this bubbling, turbulent stream and watched as millions upon millions of water drops clung to one another as they rushed by. The beautiful sounds of their gurgling reminded me of the joy and peace that comes from our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Each drop serenaded my soul with stories from the past and dreams of the future – all in search of an audience. While gazing into the stream I prayed silently that just one drop would pause and share with me stories of it’s past journey. Perhaps it would tell me the story of Easter and of Mary’s agony while experiencing the crucifixion of her son, Jesus.

I closed my eyes, opened my heart and waited. Then a voice, gentle but reassuring, explained: “My name is Teardrop of Sorrow. I am one of two very special little teardrops. There are thousands more of us that Mary shed because she knew something terrible was going to happen to her son. She cried herself to sleep almost every night in anticipation of the unknown. Then on that fateful Friday she watched as her Son carried his heavy cross to Golgotha. Her eyes were red and swollen from grief when they reached the top of the hill where He would be crucified. Those sinful, misguided people crucified Jesus! She watched helplessly as her innocent child died on the cross. I was the last teardrop to roll down her cheek and fall to the ground at His crucifixion.”

The story doesn’t end there – another teardrop said: “I’m Teardrop of Joy, the other special teardrop. I was the first to roll down Mary’s cheek after she heard that Jesus was resurrected. Remembering when Jesus told them, ‘The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and crucified, and the third day rise again’ (Luke 24:7). In a moment’s time Mary, the mother of Jesus, was transformed from deep despair to unspeakable joy and hope. She had always known that he was the Son of God but she could not conceive of the impact His resurrection would have on this world and the world to come. The joy emulated through her first born was truly overwhelming. Now every year we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection at Easter. Over the last 2,000 years we have grown to incalculable numbers. We flow like rivers of living water throughout the earth.”

The term Easter is not of Christian origin, therefore celebration of this special holiday must always be within the context of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection distinguishes the day from all other religious and secular holidays. He is the one and only person that died for the sins of the world and on the third day was resurrected.

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