About the Author

According to Pew Research, roughly 78% of the 316 million people in the U.S. identify as Christian, but with the average person only reading at a 4th-grade level it is safe to assume much of biblical text can overwhelm these followers.

Author Frank Phillips has written his new book, “Living Life,” to try and help simplify the great messages of the Bible by putting them in a more straightforward anecdotal format.

“The Bible was obviously written long before the modern form of English existed,” Phillips said. “I thought if I turned the lessons and messages into real-life examples that every person can relate to, it would help new Christians better understand God’s messages”

“Living Life” is broken into short devotional sections with an individual story to help illuminate the meaning behind Jesus’ messages in order to help nurture people’s relationship with God.

Phillips combines his love of photography with his experience as a Bible teacher to help create visual stimulation along with the words from above.

Frank Phillips has held many leadership positions for the past 25 years. He is a Bible teacher and ordained deacon. Phillips was formerly the president of an electrical engineering company and currently resides in Baton Rouge with his wife.

For more information, Frank is on Twitter and Facebook



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